The Muppets Music Drabble List

The Muppets Music Drabble List

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Mahna Mahna: Our muses are blowing off steam by doing something silly.

Moving Right Along: Our muses are on a road trip

Can You Picture That: Our muses are starting a band together

Bein’ Green: One of our muses is depressed, and the other tries to cheer him up

The Magic Store: Our muses are trying to make people laugh

Rainbow Connection: Our muses are thinking back on the life they’ve shared together

I’m Going To Go Back There Someday: My muse is reminiscing about some place he’s been

Hey, A Movie! :Our muses are making a movie together

Just One Person: My muse is spurred into action by your muse’s encouragement

One Little Star: Our muses are separated by a great distance, and wonder if the other is thinking of them.

Together Again: Our muses are reunited after a long absence

Easy Going Day: Our muses are just having a normal day, with no complications.

Never Before, Never Again: Our muses are falling in love

Somebody’s Getting Married: Should be fairly obvious

Turn The World Around: Our muses are out doing charitable acts

Upside Down World: For one day, nothing makes sense to our muses.

I hope that something better comes along: One of our muses is consoling the other after a bad breakup.

Something Better: Our muses are dreaming about finding a better life

Cabin Fever: Our muses have been cooped up or bedridden for a long time and it’s taking its toll on our sanity

Happiness Hotel: Our muses just checked into a rundown/beatup/haunted hotel together

Sailing for Adventure: We’re going to find that adventure together

Pictures in My Head: My muse is looking back at the reason why your muse left them.

One More Sleep ‘Till Christmas: Our muses are waiting for Christmas together.

Fraggle Rock: Our muses are discovering an unknown world

Muppet Show Theme: Our muses are putting on a variety show.

Sesame Street: Our muses are trying to raise a kid together.

C is for Cookie: Our muses are baking sweets together

Imagine That: Our muses are telling fantastic stories toeach other.

Rubber Duck/Do De Duck: Our muses are bathing together.

Put Down the Duckie: My muse is attempting to do something new, but an old habit gets in the way.

Monster in the Mirror: One of our muses is reflecting on the sins they’ve committed in their life.

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